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My Philosophy of Music Pedagogy

(NCAOSA, 2021)

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TECH in MUED: Project Presentation

Today we shared our presentations! I showcased my multimedia performance, with synthesisers, called “Max’s Mix of Mischief!” Please open the video below if you wish to view!! In showcasing my project, a stream of positive reinforcement and encouragement was shared. In explaining the origins of this project and the potential use of it in future…

TECH in MUED: Wk 13 – Power off

This week, seeing the final class of this unit of study, presented an opportunity to reflect on the gained knowledge, skills, software and applications that can aid our musical pedagogical journey. An excitement is present with the time for presentations drawing near! This lesson, deicated for questions, comments and queries, was also allocated as time…

TECH in MUED: Wk 12 – Brad’s Bangin’ Wisdom

This week Brad lectured (in a fashion he would call ‘boring’, and not resembling his pedagogical approach at all) presenting useful aspects of music education that has shaped my musical teaching philosophy and perception of teaching. The introduction of SAMR: S – Substitution     –  Enhance A – Augmentation     –  ment M…